Marketing for a Digital World

The young philosopher asked his mentor, “What do you think that is damaging the world the most, the ignorance or the indifference?” The mentor thought about it for a couple of minutes and answered… “I don’t know and I don’t care”.

My philosophy towards business is also rather simple; I specialize in doing Marketing for a Digital world, instead of doing Digital Marketing.

In my view, the element known as Digital Marketing does not exist. No, it doesn’t… Neither does the Online Marketing or Social Media Marketing, nor does the Buzz Marketing, or any other attachment/tag we could think of, we should not even consider a field named Traditional Marketing.

Marketing (period) is a living organism consisting of strategies, objectives, and tactics which evolve with the market needs, and the customer behaviors.

The customer, still is, and will be, the key element for the success of any business and any change in his behavior, any experience lived outside our company frontiers, would shape the way they interact with us, and therefore, will influence the marketing needs of our own business.

Listening to the customers, understanding their journey and interacting with them, should pursue one single goal; achieving a transformation in the relationship, moving the customers from an external source of information to an internal element of the organization.

What we call today Digital Marketing, if existing at all, it is just one piece of the puzzle that completes the Marketing picture, and it is the consequence of an evolution of the customer journey, but above all, an evolution of the customer itself.

Therefore, the Digital Marketing area must be composed of a set of tactics aligned to the business strategy to achieve the ultimate goal of the company and/or its business plan. In other words, Digital Marketing can not be a stand-alone strategy or solution, but it is an important part of the whole.