How to Detect and Discern Internet Mindsets

Understanding and detecting the internet mindset of our users enables us to create relevant content and, as a result, conversions. But how do we know what a user has in their mind? How do we gain such other-worldly powers? Well, it’s actually much easier than you think. Simply follow these easy steps:

1.            Clear your mind of everything you know in life…

2.            Take a crystal ball and focus your eyes on its centre…

Alright, alright, so you didn’t buy that. Maybe you’re not a psychic after all. Instead, let’s try a different approach. Let’s use the cognitive superpower that we commonly refer to as reason.

To detect your user’s internet mindset, you need to figure out the questions that they have and, as a result of those questions, which actions they will take. First consider that, when most users begin their journey on the internet, they start with a search engine. This point of departure is a great place for us to begin as well, as the keyword used in that search is our first hint. If we can figure out why they’re searching for what they’re searching for, we can figure out why they’re on the internet at all.

Let’s do a little exercise to help you get into the groove of this. Don’t worry, you won’t have to write anything down. We’ll start with a well-known product by a well- known company: the Apple iPhone. Remember, the four internet mindsets are commerce, information, network, and entertainment.

Now, all you need to do is select the mindset that you think the user has when writing these keywords into their search engine.

•             Buying an iPhone

•             Latest iPhone version

•             Games for iPhone

•             Price of iPhone 8

•             Developer for iPhone apps

Now, let’s look at the results

•             Buying an iPhone = Commerce

•             Latest iPhone version = Information

•             Games for iPhone = Entertainment

•             Price of iPhone 8 = Commerce

•             Developer for iPhone app = Network

These were pretty easy, right? I’m sure you got them all. But what about the following?

•             iPhone

•             App

•             Developer

•             Smartphone

These aren’t quite as much of a breeze as the last ones. As you can see, to detect a mindset we need to ‘read’ the accompanying words to make sense of our keyword. This detection will, therefore, only work if we have a long keyword with at least two words in it. Consider this old rule: the longer the keyword, the more accurate the result.

You’ll have to piece together any information that you can get about your user to figure out their mindset. Figuring out what type of person visits your site, how often people visit your site, whether they spend a short or long time on the site, and any other number of factors that you can get your hands on can help you with this task. Ultimately, you should also ask yourself: why would I want to visit this site?

Put yourself in your user’s shoes (or keyboard, as it may be), and you’ll be well on your way to detecting internet mindsets in service of creating a great relevant strategy and the conversions you are aiming for.