Digital + Marketing and Vice Versa

If you’re looking for an academic dissertation about digital marketing, don’t pick up this book. If, however, you’re looking for a fun and practical guide to understanding and implementing marketing in the digital world, then you’ve found a gem.

Juan A. Flores Sanchez brings 20 years of experience and a healthy dash of humour to bear on digital marketing strategy. He penetrates deep into the online user’s psyche to develop a modern-day customer journey that’s grounded in reality.

From there, he explores the trials and tribulations of marketers throughout the digital era before launching into an everyday English explanation of disruptive technologies like blockchain.

The culmination of Flores Sanchez’s work is dubbed ‘The Spiral Strategy.” It combines his work on the “Digital I-Journey” and “I-Relevant Content” to form a comprehensive picture of online commerce. Readers of Digital + Marketing and Vice Versa can expect to learn these concepts and their practical applications—all while enjoying a good laugh!

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